Finding the Best Jobs in the Trucking Industry

Finding the Best Jobs in the Trucking Industry

Individuals who are interested in finding the best jobs in the trucking industry have to first make sure they have the required skills. The initial step is seeking out a commercial driving school that is recognized by the freight companies the prospective trucker wants to drive for. To get this information the initial step is contacting each of the freight companies and finding out which commercial driving schools they recognize. After this list has been compiled the next step is to figure out how to finance the tuition for the driving school. What some well-established freight companies do is offer prospective drivers free tuition provided the driver signs a contract committing to drive with that freight company for a year or two.

Elements of a Great Freight Company

Once the prospective truck driver has their commercial driving license and some experience driving they can begin assessing all of the various freight companies to figure out who is the best choice for their particular situation.  The following are some items that a prospective driver should review to narrow down their list of potential employers.

·    How long has the freight company been in business? The longer they have been in operation the more established they should be. Companies that have been in business for a few years will typically have established routes and customers that pay on time.

·    Does the freight company have a good professional reputation? Every business will have some people who speak negatively of them but overall does the freight company have a good reputation of paying drivers on time and keeping a fleet of well-maintained trucks? If they do then that should be considered a very positive sign.

·    Are there opportunities for career advancement? Some of the most successful freight companies promote from within. While everyone starts out as a truck driver in time there could be opportunities to move up to fleet manager or an executive position.

·    Does the freight company provide guaranteed days home? Truck driving is hard work and everyone needs time to rest. The most successful freight companies will take proactive steps to make sure their drivers have sufficient time home with their family.

·    Is there insurance programs covering drivers for prescriptions? This is an important question, especially for truck drivers that have a young family relying on them back home.

After going through this trucking checklist there should be a limited number of freight companies to choose from. The next step is finding out what these companies are willing to pay their drivers per mile. The rate per mile varies and while it is very important another item to look at is whether the work is consistent. Since the trucker only gets paid for their mileage they need to keep busy if they want to keep earning. When all of these items have been addressed the prospective trucker will be able to identify the top freight companies to drive for and make a career out of it.

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