Is a Royal Protection Plan Right for You?

Is a Royal Protection Plan Right for You?

If you are thinking about getting a new or used car you might want to read this article. When you buy a car you undoubtedly were asked to step into a stuffy backroom. where you then asked if you wanted to add the extended warranty package? Probably this has happened to you or someone you know. Most people say no to these service plans and find out later that the parts they need to fix their car years later are very pricey. A Royal Protection Plan is your insurance against charges that come from unexpected repairs. Remember that costs for your vehicle can quickly increase by thousands of bucks in labor costs. As long as your car is still under the manufacturer’s warranty you can upgrade to the extended package later. Some factors to consider when looking to purchase an extended service plan are things like:

·    The better condition your car is in the more money you will save on a service plan.

·    Extended service plans also provide a lot of coverage that your manufacturer’s warranty does not.

·    Filing a claim is very straightforward and nothing to worry about especially with Royal which has over 25 years of experience, and a glowing review from the BBB

·    Royal doesn’t require your vehicle to go to a shop of their own choosing, leaving it completely up to you, the customer.

What Your Plan Covers

The needs of the customer are always the most important part of keeping things simple in any business deal. When the time comes to pay for parts that are covered under your plan, you can rest content knowing that you can choose any automotive shop you fancy. The repair shop simply bills Royal and everything gets fixed with no hassles. You can also be confident that as long as your car fits the criteria for mechanical failure, all the needed parts will be covered. For the best level of coverage for you personally you may want to do further research to determine what serves you best. Different levels of coverage will give your more options to work with, which is advantageous if you are on a budget.

Why You Need a Protection a Plan

We’ve covered a lot of key points that explain the value an extended protection plan provides you. With a manufacturer’s warranty already purchased it is easy to upgrade to the extended package. The better condition your car is in the more money you will save on coverage plans. You can save a lot of time with the added bonuses that come with roadside repair service like a free rental car as well as reimbursable towing charges.

The reasons are very apparent as to why you would want to invest in one of Royals protection plans. For one you are adding not just years to your cars life expectancy, but peace of mind that all your bases are totally covered. Whichever road you decide to travel down make sure you are protecting your money by covering the cost of parts. It can get pretty expensive without an extended protection plan.

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